Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Listening To

The excuse of there being "no good bands around" has never held any weight with me, but if all you listen to is Pop Radio then you might be inclined to believe it. If you tune into the Alternative channels, Indie Rock stations and such ( is a great place to start) you will discover a wealth of exceptional music you never knew existed. I am focusing today's list on Alternative/Indie and Rock for now, but I will post recommendations from other styles in the future. Check these bands out now to add a little depth and color to your musical palette...

CHVRCHES - "Recover"

A newer "Synthpop" band from Scotland that's making a lot of noise right now and one that I am seriously hooked on. The entire album is great and the single "The Mother We Share" is also making the rounds on Alternative Radio. This is my favorite track from their debut "The Bones of What You Believe":

Gary Clark, Jr - "Numb"

Gary Clark, Jr. is Hendrix, Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan all rolled into one and certainly at the top of the list of the more recent blues rock shredders. While not quite as proficient as Joe Bonamassa and without the pop sensibilities of a John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr's gritty and stripped down blues rock is raw and powerful and engaging still. He will be opening for Kings of Leon on their current tour.

Arcade Fire - "Afterlife"

Arcade Fire have been a favorite band of mine for a few years now and they have long been the Alt/Indie rock Gods, often being called the best band in the world. While this most recent CD "Reflektor" doesn't have the depth or richness of their previous, "The Suburbs", this CD has a few real high points including this first to last on the CD (followed by the hypnotic album closer Supersymetry).

The Vaccines - If You Wanna

So the "English Strokes" have been around since 2010 or so and have been gaining lots of momentum with opening spots for The Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their blend of Ramones-like fury and Interpol's texture provides for a band that will please fans of all styles of Rock and Roll. The Vaccines aren't breaking any new ground, but they are reinvigorating the landscape that's already been here since the 70's.

Shearwater - You As You Were" 

When I first discovered this band from Austin, TX, after hearing this track on, I played this song and a few others off their Album "Animal Joy" incessantly. The blend of Jonathons Meiburg's dramatic vocals and the haunting alternative rock supporting it just had me hooked. Around since 2001, Shearwater are a favorite amongst the Indie Rock elite.


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